Have you ever been raped by lightning?


Miss Whore said...

Yes I have! And I hate when I'm the target of lighting. I have been targeted in jumps, in Scs, and in many more places. Lighting is so powerful and deadly. I get raped by lighting at least 1000 times per day

Odin said...

I most certainly have! Targeted either intentionally, or accidentally, I often end up falling into pits when jumping off ramps or attempting shortcuts. Less severe is losing your golden/multiple/single shroom(s)(in decreasing order of severity). Loss of shrooms often means you can no longer do shortcuts. Losing your bullet bill, star or mega-shroom is really frustrating too. It is also annoying when you get reded after being struck by lightning, or hitting your own items dropped by the strike (triple greens in particular). Finally, there is the dramatic reduction in speed, lasting longer the higher your position. To conclude, lightning can make or break your race.

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