Golden Mushroom

The golden mushroom. So powerful, so awesome, so perfect. How would you describe this item when you keep getting it over and over in desperate times?

Where do you usually get this item the most?



Anonymous said...

I love golden shrooms! :D But I hate gettign them over and over at skill stages like bowsers castle and rainbow road. I am more of a star person :P and plus stars are way better than those goldens. POW and lightning PWN goldens! :'( and I usually get the goldens when I dont want them in like 9th place BUT!! One time I got one in fourth!! (With 10 people racing)


Trogdor94 said...

Golden mushrooms are very helpful at times, but I never get them at those times! :@ Then when I do get them I'm in a place where it won't help at all!
Courses like sherbet land, MMM, MR, SGB, and, my favorite, BC3 so you can do the sc and completely own 8)

Miss Whore said...

Those golden mushrooms are a pain in the "_______" (Fill in blank).

I hate it when I get this crap in 12th place when I'm at Rainbow Road, Luigi Circuit (When I'm DEAD LAST!), Mapple Tree Way, N64 Jungle Parkwar (after the jump in the first ramp).

Like Rage I have gotten goldens in 4th place - So far 3 goldens in 4th place :P - I think I died those 3 times :P.

I also hate it when I get constant goldens -_- It makes me mad because it makes me hit all the walls like a noob :@

I usually get his item in DEAD LAST :@ in desperate times :@ when I actually need a bullet I get CRAPPY golden Crap :@

Odin said...

I hate golden mushrooms. I usually get them when I want a star instead. But at least they are better than triple shrooms (not always, like for the Delfino Square short cut). I hate getting them when I'm trying to sandbag/search for stars, since you have to activate it once and waste it so you can get another item at the next set of item boxes. And getting the timing right so that it's effect dies just as you are about to get an item box is difficult at times.

And they are useless in areas with a lot of zippers, like on Rainbow Road, and Moonview Highway.

I much prefer a star than a golden shroom in most situations. Of course, the star/golden shroom combo is sweet, and is what I search for on some stages.

CKPucca said...

I get golden shrooms in 3rd place =D
hax!! ^_^

Miss Whore said...

getting golden in 3rs is pure PRO-ness xD

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