Nickname: Çκ☆Msωhόré
Character(s): Mii
Bike/Kart: Mach Bike
VR: 8000-9999 | BR: 6000-7500
Rank: 3 Stars
Favorite Stage: Rainbow Road
Youtube Channel: MissWhoreMKW
MKW Forum: misswhore
Skype: miss.whore

Nickname: Çκ☆Pucκa
Character(s): Mii
Bike/Kart: Dolphin dasher 4life!
VR: 8200-8500 | BR: 6000-6001
Rank: no stars =D
Favorite Stage: G. Volcano / Sherby
Youtube Channel: Missmamita03
MKW Forum: pucca
Skype: ladyclarick_pucca

Nickname: Çκ☆Tazzo
Character(s): Funky Kong
Bike/Kart: Flame Runner / Mach bike
VR: 9999 | BR: 7000
Rank: ★★★
Favorite Stage: Toad's Factory
Youtube Channel: erisebi
MKW Forum: nose ke es esto :|
Skype: micholo92

Nickname: Çκ☆Rem 2nd, Çκ☆Ruoko
Character(s): Mii
Bike/Kart: Anything I desire
VR: 9000+ | BR: 8000+
Rank: 2 Nova stars
Favorite Stage: Wii Bowser Castle
Youtube Channel: hiddenstampede
MKW Forum: hidden_stampede
Skype: hiddenstampede

Nickname: Çκ☆Boost
Character(s): Funky, Mii
Bike/Kart: Flame Runner, Mach Bike
VR: 9000-9999 | BR: 6000-7500
Rank: 3 Stars
Favorite Stage: Grumble Volcano
Youtube Channel: CrazyQUINN84
MKW Forum: ???
Skype: xxquinn84xx

Nickname: Çκ☆Prayer
Character(s): Mii
Bike/Kart: Mach Bike and Wild Wing
VR: 9500-9999 | BR: 5000-ish...
Rank: 3 Stars ★★★
Favorite Stage: Mushroom Gorge
Youtube Channel: SparkySilverShadow
MKW Forum: None
Skype: stantehleet

Nickname: Çκ☆Ep!c
Character(s):  mii,daisy
Bike/Kart: Mach bike
VR: 9000~9999 | BR: 5000~6000
Rank: 3 Stars ★★★
Favorite Stage: Dry Dry Ruins
Youtube Channel: G5l0
MKW Forum: xxxgxxx
Skype: xx.queen.xx

Nickname: Çκ☆Jeff
Character: Donky Kong
Bike/Kart: Flame Runner
VR: Who Cares? | BR: Battle lol?
Rank: ???
Favorite Stage: Bowsers Castle
Youtube: sharpshooter105
MKW Forum: Jeffiscool
Skype: ckjeff105

Nickname: Çκ☆Sakura
Rank: 3
Favorite Stage:
Youtube Channel:
MKW Forum:

Nickname: Çκ☆34Life
Character: Funky or mii
Bike/Kart: Flame Runner or Bullet bike
VR: 9800+ | BR: 9000+
Rank: 3 star
Favorite stage: Moonview Highway
Youtube Chanel: TLoOZz
Skype: awtloz

Nickname: yu☆Çκ
Chracter : Funkey Daisy Rosalina Mii
Bike/Kart: Flame Runner / Mach Bike
VR:9000-9999 | BR:8000-9000
Rank: 3 Star Golden Wheel
Favorite Stage: Moonview Highway
Youtube Channel: miyu12131
MKW Forum: None
Skype: miyu.izu

Nickname: Çκ☆Drift
Character(s): Flame Runner / Mii
Bike/Kart: Flame Runner / Mach Bike
VR: 9999 | BR: 7500
Rank: 3 Stars
Favorite Stage: GCN Mario Circuit
Youtube Channel: driftkingmkw
MKW Forum: Driftking
Skype: Driftkingmkw

Nickname: Çκ☆yune
Character(s): Mii
Bike/Kart: Mach Bike
VR: 9000+ | BR: 7000+
Rank: 3 Stars
Favorite Stage: N64 Bowsers Castle
Youtube Channel: none D:
MKW Forum: Domi
Skype: evelyn9132

Nickname: Çκ☆Kenta
Character(s): Funky Kong
Bike/Kart: Flame Runner
VR: 9000-9999 | BR: 5000-6000
Rank: 3 Stars
Favorite Stage: DS Delfino Square
Youtube Channel: KentaFlamez
MKW Forum: Kenta352
Skype: kentaflamez


Anonymous said...


Miss Whore said...

I know its so good (smirk)

Boost said...

MissWhore, now I know what you meant for the MKW Forum. Right now, mine says "???" but my MKW forum account in QuinnMKW. =)

Miss Whore said...

CK member page updated :P fee free to welcome our newest CK members :).


Miss Whore said...

pictures updated :P

Miss Whore said...

Good bye Dragon...I hope you made the right choice :P

Miss Whore said...

CK members page updated, also...yes we can link to other blogs :)

CKPucca said...

Farewell Dragon, it was fun :3

Miss Whore said...

farewell Doyy...

CK Members Updated Welcome to:

CK Driftking
CK Eve

Miss Whore said...

Member Section Updated!


Anonymous said...

Hey will its Dragon idk if i might come back to mkw but if i do would you mind letting me back in ck D: <3

CKPucca said...

Update: goodbye tazzo! <3

and an honor playing with you Driftking, too bad you quit the game :'(

Dragon, get on skype and we'll talk ;3
and don't take too long to come back ^^

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