CK Skype Out-Loud Commands

01. Use the shock!

Use the shock immediately, do not hesitate to use it, do not worry about who you target, JUST USE IT! - and DO NOT try to cancel this command, because we will all activate our items.

02. I'm in 1st!

Once you reach 1st, immediately announce it.

03. I have the shock!

Once you obtain the shock announce it. It will help others to get something good to dodge.

04. Use your items!

A maximum of 2 second delay. Once you order for everyone to use their items, you MUST use the shock.

05. Blue Shell!

Blue Shell has been thrown.

06. Who is in 1st?

If you are in first please answer this question. Otherwise if we do not hear a response we shall throw Blue Shell.

07. Get close to the walls!

Get close to all the walls if you are behind the person that made this call. It means that there are no traps or items that may slow you down.

08. I'm behind you!

Once you get behind a CK, make sure that CK knows you are behind him.

09. I have Blue Shell!

Make this announcement once you obtain the Blue Shell item. If no CK is in first, throw BS. If we have a CK, please hold it until its possible to throw it.

10. Throw It!

Throw the Blue Shell immediately if you have it.

11. Who is in 2nd?

If you are in 2nd please answer, otherwise we shall spam items to hit 2nd place.

12. We have top 2, 3, 4 or 5!

Do NOT use the shock, keep it until we lose top positions, or until we all finish the race.

13. Use it for your self!

If you are really behind and have the shock and its 1st or 2nd lap, use the shock for your self.

14. They are using items!

If you see them using a mega, star, bullet, basically strong items to dodge, announce it. Mainly if we have the shock.


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