Random Bullet Bill Hit

You are concentrating on a strategic way to use your saved item. Then out of nowhere a damn bullet bill randomly hits you without mercy.

Where and when does this usually happen to you the most? And which item do you lose the most by this random bullet bill hit?

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Trogdor94 said...

These are just annoying and at the worst times.. I always get hit when I have a good item or am about to do a shortcut. People like to target me too by coming behind me and pelting into me.

Miss Whore said...

OMG I can relate to this a lot, It usually happens to me in GBA BC3, when I'm about to do the sc, I get immediately hit like a n00b and then thrown to the LAVA :@.

I also hate it when it hits me in the air - when I'm doing a trick :@ - and I lose my speed and my items :@

It also usually happens to me when at random times - like right after a lighting hit and then bullet.

The item I lose the most is my star or mushrooms - which make me mad :@

But I get really furious when I lose my lighting to the bullet, when I save it for like 2 laps :@ - I go like DARN THAT DARN BULLET CRAP :@

Anonymous said...

lolz I pelted u a few times trogdor94.... P.S. I was the hacker who did that.... Muah hahaha

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Boost said...

Hmmm... Well since its bad luck to get hit by a random Bullet Bill and there is no warning 99% of the time, I usually loose a good item... Probably a star or a mega or a shock.... Something good xD

Miss Whore said...

this still happens to me the most in BC3...and now in Jungle park way in the bridge :| ... I usually lose a crappy item...but I get sent to dead last :| ...like boost says....because MKW does not give you the warning :|

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