Blue Shell at the line!

Don't you love it when you are in a close race and you are about to win when all of a sudden a lovely Blue shell just takes your victory and rapes you like never before?



Trogdor94 said...

My worst experience with a blue shell was on DK Mountain on the last lap on the bridge. I got blued, then some guy with 3 greens hit me then a bullet came and hit me off, I got last >:O I think that's the worst place to get it because you get hit with everything that comes on that small bridge.

But one time I actually got lucky on the bridge and dodged a blue shell with a random mushroom :P

Miss Whore said...

OMG I love it! I remember when I was in a clan war and I was going to get 1st place when all of a sudden - this guy comes out of nowhere and hits me with a mushroom.

After that I go to second in front of the line and I get a BS. Then after that I get hit by a star.

This happen close to the line at N64 BC - after the star hit me it made me fall to the lava :@

This little incident made me go from 2nd to DEAD LAST :@

Anonymous said...

Fuck ya

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